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Reliability & Testing Information


Research And Development

   Furry Feeder Products have been in development & testing for over a year! As a result of this extensive program, MUCH has been learned about the dispensing of various Pet & small ranch animal feeds.

   DRY PELLETS are available in a wide variety of Sizes, Shapes & Textures!"FURRY FEEDERS" FF-1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 will dispense all dry pellets up to & including ".

   CHUNKY types, usually Larger than ", require the High Torque gear motor (See Note Below)!! All of our gear motors are Protected against Over-Loading, such as "Foreign Materials" falling into the feeder.

   Furry Feeders FF-1, 2, 3 & 4 operate on conventional electric power (120VAC), through a Plug-In wall timer. A separate control on the feeder, allows the user to adjust the amount to be dispensed.


Reliability Testing

   RELIABILITY TESTING over the past 18 Months has resulted in the equivalent of 20 years of feeding 2 lbs/day, with NO FAILURES!

   EXPECTED LIFE, if operated in accordance with our recommendations, is OVER 10 YEARS!


Quality Control

   QUALITY CONTROL TESTING of ALL Feeders is assured! We use actual "off-the-shelf dry pellets" on ALL feeders! (Our Factory Cat MUST "Sniff & Approve ", before we ship).


Dos & Dont's

1.      Do DISCONNECT the feeder when you go on vacation & are taking your pet with you. Otherwise the feeder will continue to dispense food while you are gone (with no pet to eat the food )! The feeder will OVERFLOW, make a MESS for you to clean up & cause the gear motor to operate in OVERLOAD! Continual operation in over load is not covered in our warranty!

2.      Do operate feeders in a sheltered area, NOT OUTSIDE or in the DIRECT WEATHER! (weather/chew resistant enclosure available for FF-4, FF-5 weather resistant)

3.      Do NOT use pellets Larger than " (Except in the high torque motor up grade)! This will cause "sticking " & motor overload! Damage due to the use of oversized food is NOT covered in our warranty!

4.      Do NOT operate with lid open, as foreign objects may fall into feeder!


About Gear Motors

   Standard Gear Motors, used in FF-1 through FF-4, are low speed, with a MAXIMUM TORQUE of 150 inch ounces at 125 VAC. ALL Feeders are tested to assure that the motors will start & operate at a LOW Power Line Voltage of 105 VAC, HOWEVER, the feeder will operate better at the normal line voltage of 120 VAC.

   FF-5 Gear Motor has an output of 600 inch ounces, with built-in over load protection. HIGH TORQUE GEAR MOTOR is 4 times More Powerful than the standard gear motor & is recommended for commercial, high volume usage!


Limited Warranty

    Furry Feeder Products carry a 90 day warranty against defective parts & workmanship. FAILURES DUE to IMPROPER USE (See Above ) NOT COVERED!







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Smallest Hills Science Pellets! Small size meals = 1 teaspoon! Timer up to 14 meals per day! Battery Back-up on timer! Same features as FF-1 with our Heavy Duty Motor!

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