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Georgetown Vacuum Forming
Gordon & Deanna Shanklin

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting my feeder designed properly. I have already recommended your product to many people. Peanut is not happy with her new low calorie diet, but what the vet says, goes. And b/c of this product I am able to keep her feedings down to a minimum, and on a proper schedule with no worries. I can go away for the weekend never thinking twice about finding someone to feed her.

So thank you. The feeder is working perfectly.

Take care.
Lisa Zappala


Furry Feeder,

I received my automatic feeder at the end of October 2001.  It has been a life saver.  The engineers paid close attention to the needs of my cat's and my own, designing the best feeder for my case.  I feel that they took time to accommodate my problems at hand.  My cat has an enlarged esophagus which leads to her vomiting if she gets a hold of too much food at one time. I had experimented with what worked and a lot of what did not work for my cat. Feeding her little portions through out the day is what helped decrease her problem.  My difficulty was that I was not home often enough to have a good schedule of feedings for her. I have a terribly busy work schedule and having the automatic feeder allows me to have one less thing to worry about.  My cat is on a regular feeding schedule, which is great for her diet and system.  Her vomiting is almost a thing of the past; I used to have to clean up after her at least once a week. This problem has decreased to about once a month if that. Sometimes she gets lazy or does not hear the feeder going off, leading to her eating a bit too much at that time.  The Furry Feeder has helped my cat so much and saved me time and peace of mind. I would recommend the feeder to cat and dog owners alike.  Our society is such a busy one, but we should not neglect our little loved ones.  The Furry Feeder takes one of the responsibilities of being a pet owner out of the equation. I do not worry anymore about my cat not being able to eat while I am not at home and definitely feel better that she is not getting sick on a regular basis either.  Thank you to all at The Furry Feeder family for making my life easier and my cat healthier.

Kelly in Melbourne, Florida


Great service!!!  My Mother received the feeder today and she loved it!  Thanks so much for your promptness.  Feel free to use this email as a testimonial.

Sincerely, Diane


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