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How FurryFeeders Solve Your Pet Problems !

  1. Critters stealing pellets! Our FF-3 series with rotating feed tube seals the storage container so shaking & clawing will NOT dispense or release pellets!
  2. Ants & bugs getting into pet food! Our FF-1, FF-2 & FF-4 automatic pet feeders have an extra large base that can hold water that surrounds the pellet container & separate feed dish!
  3. Over eating & obesity problems! ALL of our automatic pet feeders accurately regulate the quantity & timing of your pet's meals!
  4. Eating disorders ! Our FF-1S precision/small quantity feeder allows you to dispense one teaspoon up to 14 times per 24 hours! (See customer Testimonials!)
  5. Pet stealing the pellets! Our FF-1V, FF-1S, FF-2G & all three FF-3 type of automatic pet feeders are pellet thief proof!
  6. Need two week supply of food & water? Our FF-3 series can do this! All of our other automatic pet feeders, when equipped with auto-water can also do this!

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      Problem Solver
Precision Dispensing For Cats With Eating Disorders.

The FF-1S

Smallest Hills Science Pellets! Small size meals = 1 teaspoon! Timer up to 14 meals per day! Battery Back-up on timer! Same features as FF-1 with our Heavy Duty Motor!

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The *new* FF-3S!

The FF-3!