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FurryFeeder Automatic Pet Feeders Disclaimer


Care & Use Of Furry Feeders

1.      Our automatic pet feeders are permanently lubricated!

2.      With the exception of FF-4 & FF-5 which are Solar/Battery Powered, the automatic pet feeders DO REQUIRE a source of regular 120VAC (NOT less than 110VAC). Temporary loss of power will alter the feeding time. (Time clock may have to be re-set.). In critical situations, the user should provide power back-up. (See accessories & upgrades)

3.      Use warm soapy water to clean surfaces, but unplug the power first. DO NOT USE STRONG SOLVENTS LIKE LACQUER THINNER!

4.      We recommend that you use shop vacuums to clean the inside.

5.      If equipped with "auto water," follow the instructions supplied.

6.      Do NOT remove the protective rear cover, as "high voltage” is present & serious injury could occur.

7.      Keep feeder & pellets DRY! (Weather resistant enclosure is available). Moist or wet pellets can "stick" together when they dry out! This may form a hard ball or clump which will jam the motor. Motor over load is apparent by a clicking sound. If this occurs, REMOVE ALL PELLETS & re-test the feeder. Make sure NO foreign object has fallen into the feeder or was not in the source of pellets.

8.      Route the power cord BEHIND the feeder & directly to the power outlet.

9.      Disconnect the feeder when not in use to avoid OVERFLOW!

10.  Feeder lid is bonded to limit access by pet & other critters.

11.  To avoid spilling, while moving, or transporting, stuff outlet hole with a rag or paper.

12.  Oversized pellets, larger than 1/2" will NOT dispense properly & may cause motor to go into overload. CONTINUOUS OVERLOAD WILL DAMAGE THE MOTOR (NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY).

13.  Round or nearly round pellets will dispense better than other shapes & cause less problems.

14.  If a dispensing problem occurs, CALL THE FACTORY BEFORE RETURNING FEEDER. We can solve most problems over the phone or internet. Shipping the feeder back & forth is HARD ON YOU & THE FEEDER!


Limited Warranty

    Furry Feeder Products carry a 90 day warranty against defective parts & workmanship. FAILURES DUE to IMPROPER USE (See Above) NOT COVERED!

We shall, in no event, be liable for death, injuries to persons, or animals, or property, or incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages arising from the use of our products. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. To take advantage of this warranty, the product or part must be returned to the factory, with transportation charges prepaid. Proof of purchase, date & and explanation of the complaint must accompany the product. If our inspection verifies the defect, we will either repair or replace the product at our election or we may elect to refund the purchase price, If we can not readily & quickly provide you with a replacement. We will return the repaired products at our expense, but if we determine there is no defect, or the defect results from causes not within the scope of our warranty, then you must bear cost of returning the product.


Return Policy

1.      Product to be returned undamaged, in like new condition, shipping charges prepaid, within 15 days of purchase. (To be returned in original carton & packing!).

2.      Restocking & re-testing costs of 25% or $25.00, which ever is greater, will be charged.

3.      Feeders ordered with upgrades, like auto-water, heavy duty motor, solar & battery power, & weather resistant enclosure will be charged a return fee of 35%.



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