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STANDARD AUTOMATIC PET FEEDERS are of the "ASSISTED" Dispensing type of Dry Pellets' which allows the Dispensing of a Wide variety of Sizes & shapes! Under certain circumstances, Pets & "Critters" can cause the feeder to drop pellets by "Shaking" the container or obtain pellets by PAWING at the outlet of the feed tube! This is most common when Small Round Pellets are used!

UPGRADED AUTOMATIC PET FEEDERS, however are of the "POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT TYPE" & will NOT Dispense Pellets without Activation by the "Digital Programmable Timer" INCLUDED (with Battery Back-up).

UPGRADED AUTOMATIC PET FEEDERS are available in our smallest FF-1 or FF-1S. Also available in our Medium size feeder, the FF-2 as a FF-2S.

The NEW FF-3 Large Dog Automatic Feeder can dispense Pellets up to 3/4", utilizing a unique "Rotating Feed Tube".-----This offers major benefits that it can dispense ALL Sizes & Shapes of Pellets with a Higher degree of Accuracy!

For each minute of Programmed Activation, the FF-3 Large Dog Feeder will dispense 12 to 14 Ozs. (Dry Measure) of pellets at a dispensing Rate of 12 to 14 Ozs. per minute.

All AUTOMATIC PET FEEDERS are supplied operating power via an External "Plug-In" Time Clock! Furry Feeder supplies this clock at no extra cost. The Intermatic # DT11C Digital Electronic Timer & Clock, Which can be Programmed for up to 14 feedings per 24 hours.
Additional advantages of the "DT11C" are:
1). Battery back up, so time of day is not lost in the event of power Failure.
2). Direct Control of feeder in one minute increments, which allows
Greater flexibility in the Timing & Dispensing of Pellets.
3). Allows "Special Feeding Schedule" like meal Size or sizes can be Varied, Daily or weekly, Automatically!
4). Saves Power & SAFER as feeder only receives power during dispensing.

A VERY WIDE CHOICE of PELLET SIZE, SHAPE & TEXTURE EXISTS in the Market! This Can create a Wide Variation in the Dispensing as follows:
1). Pellets are ROUND (Marble Shape) or "Donut /Barrel Shape.
2). Do NOT Exceed the design Limit in Pellet SIZE, of the Model (1/2" for most & 3/4") on Heavy Duty Models.

Heavy Duty Motor (D.C. Type), Dispenses 12 times Faster than the Standard Motor! <See Specifications>.

USE of "IRREGULAR SHAPE PELLETS" such as Star, Triangle
Rectangle, Fish & Other "Weird Shapes" will NOT Dispense well!!
The "Weird" shapes will:
1). Flow more slowly, if at all!
2). Can cause Motor Over Load & Sometimes causes Motor FAILURE (NOT COVERED by our Warranty)! At a Minimum, Motor Over Load Will SHORTEN THE LIFE OF THE MOTOR. We Pride our selves in the fact that, if used Properly, with in our recommendations, the feeders will Last over 10 Years, with out servicing or maintenance!!






Precision Dispensing For Cats With Eating Disorders.

The FF-1S


Smallest Hills Science Pellets! Small size meals = 1 teaspoon! Timer up to 14 meals per day! Battery Back-up on timer! Same features as FF-1 with our Heavy Duty Motor!
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The FF-3!


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