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   Furry Feeder Mfg. over a period of six years has developed & manufactured the largest variety of sizes, shapes & technical methods of automatic pet feeders! First developed in 1998 was the FF-1, 2 & 4, “worm screw” types. A large number of these are still in operation today!

   We developed the FF-1S precision small quantity dispense type in 2000 & it has become a popular product for pet owners that have pets with eating disorders! (see customer testimonials). In 2001, we developed the FF-2 & FF-3 in the “Gate”
method of precise control. This is called the FF-1 & FF-2 & allows a wider variety of pellet size & shape than the FF-1. The FF-1S, do not dispense pellets by “shaking” as is common with most automatic pet feeders!

   Our newest type of pellet control is called “rotating feed tube” (Pat. App.) which offers the pet owner the overall benefits of the FF-1S, FF-1 (Precise Control), & a wide range of pellet size & shapes! When coupled with a cabinet of weather resistant & high impact plastic, the pet owner has the best possible
automatic pet feeder!




  • Wide base stabilizes feeder
  • E-Z for two pets
  • Base can hold water which will keep ants out of food!
  • Rugged construction w/ internal frame
  • Built-in pellet deflector FF-1, FF-1S

The competitors feeders are tall which makes them top-heavy and prone to falling over and spilling pellets & food out of the feeder.

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       Problem Solver

Precision Dispensing For Cats With Eating Disorders.

The FF-1S

NEW For 2007, FF-1S

Smallest Hills Science Pellets! Small size meals = 1 teaspoon! Timer up to 14 meals per day! Battery Back-up on timer! Same features as FF-1 with our Heavy Duty Motor!

+ S&H $18.00
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*new* FF-3S!

The FF-3!





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